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The Captains Podcast

Talking with those who go to sea in ships, or at least nice boats!

Feb 9, 2018

Join me as we talk with Dave about his early boating experiences on The Chesapeake Bay, what led him to start publishing a boating magazine locally and what the future may bring. Also just a little on his other passion and publishing a monthly car show magazine in the Tri State area. 

Episode 5

Feb 7, 2018

Tune is as we talk with Dave on his lifetime of boating, why start a magazine future plans. 

Dropping this Friday February 9 at 8AM



Jan 19, 2018

We chat with Tom and Steven Connell on the history of the Bay Breeze and the future expansion

Dec 6, 2017

More detail on where we boat and the boat itself 1986 C&C 35 MKIII

Mar 14, 2017

I caught up with (or did he catch up with me) Jeffrey Wettig from the Shooting the Breeze Podcast on a beautiful March afternoon at The Hance Point Yacht Club in North East Maryland. And as his podcast is so aptly titled we were "Shooting the Breeze". Check it out!